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At Erichson Hearing Aid Center, we are relentlessly committed to giving our customers the most comforting experience possible. We strive to offer the best possible service, selection, quality, and value.

Erie’s premier hearing specialists, Erichson Hearing Aid Center has been helping people discover a better way of hearing for over 50 years. Since 1962, we’ve taken the time to personally help you find the hearing aid that’s right for you and your lifestyle. We are exclusive providers of the Lifetime Listening program, which guarantees the best value in both technology and service, ensuring that we continuously meet our patient’s needs. From your first evaluation to annual check-ups, Erichson Hearing Aid Center is committed to serving you today, and as your hearing changes tomorrow.

Know the Facts About Hearing Loss

Hearing loss due to aging ranks as the #1 communication disorder. 1 in 5 Americans have some degree of hearing loss, equating to 48.1 million Americans.
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Of those 48.1 million, 4.5 million are between the ages of 50-59.

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Of those 4.5 million, less than 5% use hearing aids.

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Among individuals over age 65, 40% have some form of hearing impairment.

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By 80 years of age, 85% of individuals report some degree of hearing impairment.

What Defines Us

We understand how overwhelming it can be to begin the journey toward better hearing, which is why we designed our services with our patient’s comfort and ease in mind. All of our hearing aids include complimentary benefits to make improving your hearing easier than ever.

Patient Satisfaction

We take pride in delivering excellent service to every patient who walks through our doors. Your success is our success, so we make every effort to offer services that meet your needs and priorities.


Having served Erie for over 50 years, we honor a lengthy tradition of experienced and knowledgeable care. Our staff makes it a point to stay up to date on the latest in hearing aid technology

Making A Difference

Renewing our patient’s ability to hear is more than just a job, it’s our passion. Every life changed is a reminder of why we’re honored to do this work. We are thankful for the opportunity to help you on the path toward healthy hearing.


We believe in empowering our patients with a thorough understanding of their unique hearing situation and how they can improve it. Our goal is to make sure you have sufficient information to select the hearing option that’s right for you.


We’re committed to our patients from their very first visit and every need thereafter. We created our Lifetime Listening program to ensure that our support is always there. At Erichson Hearing Aid Center, we’re here for you.


Our desire to help people hear again is what drives us at Erichson Hearing Aid Center, and it’s the reason we’re known for our authenticity and generous care. Hearing impairment can be a challenge, but you don’t have to go it alone.


We take pride in the excellent service and care we provide. But don’t take our word for it! Take a peek at the many grateful patients who have called Erichson Hearing Aid Center home…

When my husband started playing the TV so loud and constantly saying "what did you say" I said that's it you're going for hearing aids. Erichson Hearing was the place we went to, we have to say Linda is AMAZING she really knows her stuff and was very blunt on explaining everything about his hearing aids. It was wonderful going in not being able to hear very well to coming home and me asking him to turn the TV up some so I can hear it! I highly recommend that if you have any hearing issues to go to her you won't be sorry. Thank you so much Linda for giving my husband's hearing back.
Joyce Edwards
Joyce Edwards
When I started looking for hearing aids Erichsons was the last place I went, but after trying their product, I’m on my 3rd pair now. Linda and Mike are great people to work with and really know their product. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Oticon is a great product and I’ve always been satisfied with them
William Beamish
William Beamish
I could not be happier, getting my hearing to a level I never thought possible. I was nervous going in to my first visit and Linda and Mike made me feel comfortable and relaxed. Then after the hearing test and discussion about various devices, to be able to walk out with a sample pair......well I was ecstatic. Two weeks later I received my permanent pair that were adjusted per my needs. Two subsequent visits since then to learn how to clean them and to have them fine tuned both went very well and I love the devices. Linda is an absolute joy to work with and I’m so happy a friend of mine recommended them! Thanks for giving me great hearing and state of the art devices.
Kevin Irvin
Kevin Irvin
They do an excellent job! Would definitely recommend!
Joseph and Bonnie Janiuk
Joseph and Bonnie Janiuk

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From your first evaluation to annual check-ups, Erichson Hearing Aid Center is committed to serving you today, and as your hearing changes tomorrow.

Why Get Your Hearing Tested?

As one of your main senses, your hearing health can tell you a story about your overall health. Hearing loss can be an early indicator of many health conditions, like diabetes and circulation conditions. Since hearing loss can be gradual, it is important to get your hearing evaluated regularly, like you do with your eyes or teeth.

Your hearing pathway starts at your ears and ends at your brain. When sounds reach the inner ear, they are converted into a signal that is sent to the brain. So, your hearing health can directly impact your brain health. Studies have consistently shown how hearing loss correlates to cognitive decline and dementia. And people with hearing loss are at higher risk of mental health conditions, like depression. Healthy hearing = healthy brain.

Hearing loss can be very isolating; if you cannot hear what people are saying, then it is very difficult to maintain conversations and if you cannot maintain conversations, then your relationship with loved ones can suffer.

Did you know that certain medications can harm your hearing health? And this includes common over-the-counter medications and antibiotics. Typically, we are told of potential side-effects but no one thinks that medications could cause hearing loss.  

It has been shown that someone with hearing loss who ignores their condition can see up to a 26% increase in their healthcare costs after just 2 years. This is because people experience a variety of adverse health effects due to their hearing health, such as falls or other sources of injury.

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