Hearing Aid Fittings

At Erichson Hearing Aid Center, we offer complimentary fittings for patients who get their hearing aids from us along with the other numerous benefits of our Lifetime Listening program.

First Fitting

Once you have selected the best hearing aid for your hearing and lifestyle needs, Linda will adjust the device and its settings to ensure it’s as comfortable as possible. Your free 2 week trial begins during this first fitting, and gives you an opportunity to decide if the hearing aid you chose is indeed the right one for you.

Second Fitting

After the end of the free 2 week trial period (or earlier if needed), your second fitting will be scheduled and Linda will go over the care and maintenance instructions for your chosen device. If you feel like another hearing device would better meet your needs, this appointment would be utilized to make that change.

Third Fitting

We schedule the third fitting one month after your initial purchase to provide assistance with any lingering adjustments that are necessary. As always, we are simply a phone call away should any problems or questions arise in the meantime.

Lifetime Care

As part of our unique and exclusive Lifetime Listening program, all of your follow-up, check-ups, and adjustments are a complimentary service at Erichson Hearing Aid Center. As part of our commitment to ongoing care, we schedule check-ups every 4 months for our patients unless any issues arise before then.

End of Warranty Service

We care about our patients getting the most out of their hearing aids and their warranties. This is why we purposely schedule a hearing aid check-up and repair appointment just before your warranty expires.

This way, any small defects or signs of wear can be addressed at no cost to you. Often times, this results in the manufacturer replacing the unit, leaving our patients with brand new devices as they enter their warranty-less phase.