Hearing Evaluations

Making the decision to get your hearing tested can be a difficult one. At Erichson Hearing Aid Center, we’re committed to ensuring that regaining your hearing is a comfortable, and even enjoyable, experience. This is why all of our hearing evaluations are offered free of cost through our exclusive Lifetime Listening program.

Once you’ve scheduled your first appointment with us for a hearing evaluation, this is what you can expect:


We hope the historical home we chose to build our office in provides you with the comfort and relaxing welcome you deserve. Mike will greet you and you’ll be asked to sign some new patient paperwork before your appointment begins.

Ear Exam

Next, you’ll meet Linda, who has been helping our patients find hearing solutions for decades. Linda will ask you a few questions based on your medical and family history to get a sense of your symptoms and lifestyle. She will then use a tool called an otoscope camera to closely examine your inner ear and eardrum.

Sound Testing

You’ll be instructed to wear a pair of headphones and follow the instructions that Linda provides for three separate tests. Linda will perform a bone conduction test, air conduction test, and speech recognition test with your participation. Rest assured, all of our tests are quick and painless.

Review Of Your Results

Linda will then print out the results of your hearing test and will also review anything of interest she may have found during the ear exam. She will explain the cause of your hearing issues and clearly go over your options for treatment.

If you’re a good candidate for hearing aids, she will present your options and discuss with you which ones would serve your needs best. All of our hearing aids come with a free 2 week trial period, so your decision is easy and risk-free.