We take pride in the excellent service and care we provide. But don’t take our word for it! Take a peek at the many grateful patients who have called Erichson Hearing Aid Center home…

Linda, there is no one better than you and Mike. That is why I stay with the best. Hearing in my left ear was first introduced by you and I’m now on the second generation bi-cros hearing aids and I’ve recommended them to my friends.Your service is the best in my books. Thanks for giving me a chance to hear!


I am more than happy to recommend Linda Kerner of Erichson Hearing Center to handle all of your hearing aid needs. I have used many other providers and never received the high-quality service and level of results I have since working with Linda. She is very patient and goes the extra mile to help those patients, such as me, that are having trouble finding the right brand, fit and adjustments. For the first time ever, I feel my hearing aids are worth the money put out for them! In addition, Mrs. Kerner is a very kind human being – one of those caring, compassionate, good people that we could use more of in this world. I cannot thank Linda enough for all that she has done for me!

Virginia C

Of all the hearing aid businesses we’ve checked out, Erichson’s is by far the best. Linda most informative and knowledgeable about her products. She helped Alan to hear for the first time in 30+ years. He was so emotional when he could hear (when he was told it was hopeless). This is one place that will get our seal of approval and recommendations to all our hearing-impaired friends & acquaintances.

Alan C

It is no mystery to us why you are so highly recommended in the community. Your personal service and attention to detail are outstanding, the hearing aids you sell are A-1 top notch, and your continuing attention long after the sale is so rare in the business world today. It is wonderful to hear again at home, church, in social gatherings, and watching TV. I am happy to know that if this should change, all I need to do is give you folks a call, and you can re-program my hearing aids. Thank you, Erichson!

Mary W

We both want to thank Linda & Michael for our ‘new lease on life’ and for your care & concern for our needs. Thank you again!

Mike & Marilyn M

Linda and Mike have both been so helpful, kind and patient. I appreciate the time you have spent with me. Each customer is a person to you – and not a number. Thank you for caring for me and my hearing problem.

Helen T

I have had the Oticon Agil for one year now. I was initially resistant to doing anything because I didn’t’ know where to go or who to trust. I took advantage of the two-week free trial and was not disappointed. Linda and Mike made the process easy. I have now learned to love my Agil’s and was distraught when I misplaced them for just a few days. My quality of life is better and so is my wife’s! I’m an Erichson hearing fan.

Dr. Robert R

I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciated your willingness to help me on your off-hours because of my work schedule! You have shown knowledge and compassion that, in these days, is hard to find. Most importantly you have both helped my transition to using hearing aids a very rewarding experience. It’s wonderful to be back into the conversations! Thank you and God Bless!

Suzanne R

Thank you for changing my life! I can’t believe how much difference these hearing aids have made in so many parts of my life! I walked in with questions just off the street, and left being able to hear! What service and care.

Terry O

My experience at Erichson’s was nothing less than a joy. Linda made me feel at ease, was very thorough, and patiently explained every detail and made sure I understood everything about my devices. I would recommend Erichson’s to anyone!

Jeffrey B

Linda and Mike, you have been a blessing to our family for you have provided Dad with wonderful attention to his hearing problems. Thanks to you, we have been able to communicate with him and live with him happily. Any time we made a call, you were willing to see him and care for the problem. What more could we ask! We would gladly recommend your product and more importantly your service to anyone even thinking that they might need a hearing aid. Thank you!

Twila, Leona, Raymond and Carrie